Hello there!  My name is Lisa and this is my domain to log my triathlon training and my experiences as an athlete diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I was diagnosed with IBS in the summer of 2015 while training for my half Ironman races. Although eating enough for my calorie intake, I was experiencing intense cravings, stomach and bowel pain, and fatigue. Starting in 2016, I’ve begun to take my IBS more seriously and learn how to handle and cope with it better while being on the low FODMAP diet.

The name, My Overloaded Gymbag comes from the fact that my gym bag is constantly full of my gear, extra clothes, my breakfast/lunch/dinner, shoes, snacks, etc. It’s still always full to this very day, sometimes I lug two bags!

Low FODMAP guide

To clarify which low FODMAP guide I use for preparing my recipes: it’s through Monash University. I’m currently in the process of transitioning and double checking my ingredients, so I apologize if something has not been fully low FODMAPped. Please be patient with me as I am working on fixing this.


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