Adventures of my SI joint

The hip pain that I have been trying to figure out in almost a year still continues to nag me to this day. At first, it was my weak glutes which I fixed in about several sessions with my physio, Tim. We were doing some manual therapy, hip joint loosening, then eventually electroacupuncture. At first it was my glutes that were weak and pulling on things which caused the pain, but as soon as that was fixed, the problem of my hip came back at full force just ready to kick my ass. I couldn’t sit comfortably anymore, it was too painful to sit in my chair as any rotation or movement will set it off 70% of the time. Getting up from a chair was so painful as well…I nearly lost my balance after my hip gave out from under me. It turns out that my SI joint is not stabilized and just pinches at my nerves.

Dealing with this physical pain on a daily basis (pretty much) for almost year has really nagging away at me. There were some wonderful painless days while others were full fledged someone hit my hip with a large weapon and did it….repeatedly. After several sessions with Tim, he threw in the towel and referred me to the sports medicine doctor and a chiropractor to see what they can do for my SI joint. Hopefully they can get me back into running and cycling again! I’ll keep you posted on what happens during my visit.

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