Stress Fractures and Physiotherapy

My life lately has been full of injuries.

About a month ago I decided to go for a run down a trail near my condo. 15 minutes in there was a sharp pain in my left foot and I couldn’t run anymore. I figured I sprained it and just walked home to give myself a rest. I got a bit of blood pooling around my second and third toe and figured it was a sprain. Days later I was feeling much better and could walk again. The pain came back while I was doing a workout at the gym. I figured I probably worked too hard and just let it rest. I was studying and lo and behold, my foot was in tons of pain and I couldn’t walk anymore. We went to the Emergency Room at the hospital and after taking some X-rays, nothing appeared to be wrong. I was sent to see the specialist last week where he examined my foot and told me it was beginning signs of a stress fracture in my second toe. And he told me no running for the time being until it heals.

Do you remember the hip issue I was having since last December? Well, I’m now at another clinic to get it examined and my new physiotherapist was a little disappointed with what the previous physiotherapist did with me. Usually, I trust whoever I’m working with, but red flags were going up when my previous physiotherapist (let’s call him R) kept saying it was an injury related to my spine. After seeing him for about 6 sessions and nothing improving, I gave up on him. My new physiotherapist, Tim, has been wonderful and did a ton of manual therapy to loosen up my hip area and get it to a point where it doesn’t hurt as much during my day to day activities. He’s looking to do some acupuncture and more manual therapy to get me back to my pain free self again. BUTTT unfortunately, cycling is also not something I can do until I heal.

So no cycling, no running, no impact. That just doesn’t add up too well for me.

Frankly, I’ve been having a really rough time dealing with all of these injuries and inability to workout as much as I would like. Full time work and part time school is REALLY hard. I’m beginning to start my final project which I’ll be working on for the next several months and it can only scream STRESS at me. For the most part, I just keep telling myself that it’s ok and I’ll be back on my feet to being an athlete again.

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  1. Hong
    take the needed rest buddy! you'll bounce back stronger than ever!

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